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O-L!VE & Co

"Bringing Your Table to Life"

Shake the boredom out and press play to enjoy a happy moment!

An amazingly fun project we had the pleasure to craft with the Chilean based company O-L!VE & Co.

The company's name "O-L!VE" (OH LIVE) inspired us to literately bring food to life. It starts with the olives to highlight the freshness of their oil. They go from the groves to the extraction process within a few hours to keep the health and taste attributes, transforming each meal into a party of flavor and healthiness.

The dance moves were inspired by many classics, like Disney Fantasia 2000 and Beauty and the Beast.

We also discovered that bell peppers are amazing singers during this process :)


The slogan "O-L!VE olive oils, 0.2% Acidity, and 100% Approval" was chosen to match the one already being used by the company in Brazil, where this version was broadcast.


Fresh and beautiful olives, just waiting for the party to start.

The white bottle, Easter's special edition, also joined our dance!

_O-LIVE_Vida_GRN_ (00207).jpg

Bell peppers, the best singers, most beautiful voices on the table.

Sun is shining, garlics are spinning, happiness is everywhere.

_O-LIVE_Vida_GRN_ (00268).jpg

What else do you want to see?

A small behind the scenes showing the making of the mushroom dance. 

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